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What is my password?
What is my password?

What is my password? 

First time logging in:

Please refer to the information provided to you by your registering institution. Depending on where you registered for your course(s), your portal password will either be emailed to your "Institution Email" address OR you will use the default password as your initial password. 


STEP 1 - Determine if you need to retrieve your portal password information from your "institution email" INBOX or use the initial default password.

  • Institution Email Username: Your portal password information will be emailed directly to you to let you know when your OntarioLearn Portal account is available to you. Check your "institution email" INBOX for your password information.
  • System Generated Userid: Your initial login to the portal will use the default password.  Click HERE to view your default password: http://www.ontariolearn.com/default-password/

STEP 2 - Go to https://www.ontariolearn.com/ and click LOGIN. Enter your username and password and click [Start a Session].


Forgot the password you already assigned?

If you have logged in previously and your Portal profile has been updated with your email address, follow the steps below to have a new portal password generated and sent to your email INBOX. 

STEP 1 - Go to https://www.ontariolearn.com/ and click LOGIN

STEP 2 - Click the Forgot Portal Password link.

STEP 3 - Enter the email address associated with your account and click the [Send Password] button.

STEP 4 - Check your email and follow the instructions.


If you still cannot log in, chat with one of our Helpdesk Support Specialists.

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